Human Resources


Curricula vitae Summaries


HELDER SILVA – (Team Leader)

MSc in Food Technology and Quality - Thesis entitled: “HACCP in Fishery Products – Main Problems and Solutions” covering EU health and hygiene legislation and impacts on the fishery sector.

BSc (5 year course) - Marine Biology and Fisheries - Thesis entitled: “Methods of preservation and handling crustaceans in a fishing company in the Algarve”

Trainer & Technical Assistance – Has achieved top performance delivering training and technical assistance specifically in HACCP, Food Safety & Quality Control and Inspection & Official Controls Organization. Also experienced in specialized Study Tours.

1991 - Started career as Quality Manager in a Shrimp fishing and processing company with fleet operating with fresh catches in the southern coast of Portugal and with freezer/factory vessels in African waters.

1992- 1994: Trainer and Training Coordinator in a Marine Technologies Vocational Training School.

1995 – 2007: Consultant in an international consultancy company – Megapesca, where undertook the position of trainer and technical assistant.

2008 – 2011: Freelance Consultant, delivering specific assistance and training to the Competent Authorities of Mozambique, Angola, Oman and Papua New Guinea, achieving recognized quality results.

2012 (ongoing): Freelance Consultant

Helder da Silva is highly specialized in:

HACCP, food hygiene and safety regulations, traceability;

Assistance to seafood industries and Competent Authority / Inspection and Certification Services;

EU and USA seafood market import requirements

Fisheries sector development, namely the interaction of artisanal fisheries with exporting industry.

Has in-depth knowledge of the fisheries value chain from production (fisheries and aquaculture) to consumer, integrating particular experience of each stage of post-harvest practices (onboard handling and preservation, landings, transport, processing, marketing and distribution, markets).

From an early age has a long connection with the sea, linking national and family roots in a melting pot of diversified marine activities and of desires to go far horizons and to contact different cultural environments.   

Areas of academic expertise and professional specialization (Marine Biology, Fisheries, Socio-economics, Food Technology, Quality and Food Safety) altogether underpin and strengthen job performance with sound consistency and quality.

20 years of experience

Portuguese nationality



Sofia Antas

Post-Graduation studies in Quality Management and Food Safety

Degree in Marine Biology and Fisheries - specialization in aquaculture products with sensory and laboratory assessment.

Lead Auditor / Consultant and Trainer in Food Industry (covering: Certification / Food Safety / HACCP, EUREPGAP)

HACCP expert (IRCA certified)

Significant experience in diversified food products and food production systems and technologies

Countries of experience include: Portugal / Spain / Brasil / Angola / Papua New Guinea

8 years of experience

Portuguese nationality



Maria do Rosário Coelho

Post-graduation in Quality and Food Safety  Management

PhD - Marine Biology/ Marine Pollution/ Ecotoxicology  - Thesis entitled “Bioaccumulation and effects of TBT on molluscs from southern Portugal”. Ecotoxicological and risk assessment studies on pollutants in the marine food chain.

MSc on Shellfish Biology, Culture and Fisheries.

BSc (5 year course) Marine Biology and Fisheries

Expert in Laboratory Accreditation Systems (ISO/ IEC 17025). Highly Specialized in Water Quality Systems / Water Safety Plans, Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000/ HACCP) and Product Certification. Specification of laboratory systems and layouts. Validation of analytical methodologies. Water & Food testing parameters and methods (chemical, physical and microbiological).

Auditor, Trainer and Consultant.

Substantial experience of Quality (ISO 9001) Management Systems; environmental (ISO 14001) and Health & Safety (OSHAS 18000) management systems;

Laboratory Director (since 2000).

Laboratory management includes experience of coordination of a laboratory team of 40 staff members with different levels of socio-educational backgrounds;

20 years of experience

Portuguese nationality



Morad S. Ahmed

Post graduate studies in Food Safety & Quality (USA)

Better Process Control – FDA (USA)

BSc in Agricultural Sciences (4 year course)

IRCA Lead Auditor Food Safety & Quality

ISO 22000:2005 Expert

Auditor and Consultant: documentation and implementation of food safety systems in-plants (Tailor made to each plant)

Design of technical assistance and training programs to Agro-food industry specifically in handling and processing of products, quality control, quality assurance and HACCP system implementation.

Inspection and auditing of food processing establishments in respect to quality, hygiene and sanitary / food safety requirements.

Marketing and Management Expert.

Experience in Marketing of foods in Middle East, GCC, EU, Scandinavia and USA markets

Experience in Fisheries development programs

24 years of experience

Egyptian nationality