Training Contents (usually delivered)

Most relevant delivered Training Contents:


Quality related: Post-harvest quality changes; sensory assessment; Quality, Freshness and Deterioration Indicators, QIM;

GMP related: Handling, preservation and processing methods and technologies;

Food Safety related: Food and seafood hazards and associated risks; Histamine, Environmental contaminants, Heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead), PAH, Dioxins, PCBs, Botulism, Listeria Monocytogenes, Staphylococus aureus, Salmonella spp., E. coli, Vibrio spp. etc, antibiotics, residues of veterinary medicines, MRLs; Microbiological contamination and growth, cross-contamination, chemical contamination. Naturally present hazards.

HACCP related: HACCP plans and HACCP systems; Risk Assessment & Management; Traceability systems; Chain of Custody Certification; Sampling plans; Residue monitoring;

HACCP requirements; HACCP pre-requisites; HACCP principles and steps; HACCP development integrated methodology; HACCP development tools; HACCP Verification; Flow diagrams, Critical Control Points, Preventive Measures, Critical Limits, CCP Monitoring and Corrective Actions, CCP Verification; Hazards Analysis; Hazard Analysis Worksheet methodology, Hazards evaluation of significance methodology  - risk based tool, CCP Decision tree methodology;

HACCP pre-requirements: Hygiene requirements; Hygiene monitoring; Hygiene checklist; Hygiene evaluation; SSOPs; Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP); Good Hygiene Practices (GHP); Good Aquaculture Practices (GAP); Water Quality;

Microbiological criteria; Residue monitoring; Heavy Metals monitoring; Residue monitoring plans; Sampling plans. Traceability audits

Inspection related: Inspection and Auditing procedures & techniques; inspection checklists design and application; test kits utilisation; Checklists scores; establishment risk classification; Risk based evaluation criteria; Inspectors Code of Conduct; Hygiene requirements inspection; HACCP evaluation and audit.

Laboratory related: Laboratory Accreditation auditing; ISO 17025 application; Good Laboratory Practices (GLP); Laboratory Quality Manual; Analytical Methods Validation, Instrumental Calibration.